AG环亚集团Construct Fundation for Innovation

AG环亚集团We are constructing a firm foundation for constant innovation of technology.

TXGA provides systematic connectivity solutions in e-tech industry to help strengthen the connection between different fields, and contruct a rugged foundation to the intrustrial upgrading of the whole society.

TXGA is transforming its ambitious ideas into reality with solid paces. And we promise to help our industry, partners and users realize their commercial and social value as well.

AG环亚集团We choose to partner with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to make the connected life and wold possible.

As for technological innovation, cutting-edge technology is always the main role, but connector as an important component in the base is also an essential role.TXGA lays a solid foundation for technology innovation in its role as an architect.

AG环亚集团Quality and Innovation is Our Faith

TXGA is providing flexible and efficient connectivity solutions

and doing its best to create value for every client and the whole society

AG环亚集团Professional Team    Focusing on R&D


R&D expenditure as a percentage of revenue


Global R&D Members


Utility Model Patents and Invention Patents

  • 夏万里

    5-year experience

    Connector R&D Engineer

  • Andrew

    7-year experience

    Connector R&D Engineer

  • 徐爱阳

    AG环亚集团8-year experience

    Connector R&D Engineer

  • Hackett

    AG环亚集团5-year experience

    R&D Manager

  • Damaris

    AG环亚集团6-year experience

    Connector R&D Engineer

  • 许注清

    AG环亚集团5-year experience

    Connector R&D Engineer

  • Langston

    9-year experience

    AG环亚集团R&D Director

  • 刘立平

    AG环亚集团5-year experience

    AG环亚集团Connector R&D Engineer

AG环亚集团TXGA offers professional customiztion service

Our team uses professional engineering analysis technique (tolerance analysis and PFMEA) and simulation software (FEM, mold flow analysis) to avoid design errors and make sure our products can meet the specifications, moreover, can reduce the development time of project. And our rapid response to the customer's design proposal can help to reduce the cost of re-fixing mold due to trial and error.

  • AG环亚集团Independent R&D

    AG环亚集团Mould Design Team of TXGA is capable to design the right drawings of moulds upon the requirements or drawings from clients.

  • Independent Moulding

    AG环亚集团TXGA develops high precision, low cost and high efficiency moulds with the design concept of quick mold change upon standard mould base.

  • AG环亚集团RoHS Testing Lab

    AG环亚集团TXGA set up a standard RoHS analysis laboratory to block the harmful heavy metals such as mercury, chromium and lead.

Who we are? A system connector builder!

Connector as an important component of the technical innovation infrastructure cannot be ignored.

TXGA lays a solid foundation for technical innovation in its role as an builder.

About Us

AG环亚集团TXGA Industrial Electronics (S.Z.) Co., Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of connector solutions, providing customized connectors and technology-oriented services with wide applicability.

Our partners are in automotive, military, new energy, aviation and other areas with high-level safety and quality standards.

We believe that the long-term development of TXGA depends on both deep insights into the future and down-to-earth actions.

We have been rewarded the title of "National Hight-tech Enterprise", and obtained a range of patents and certificates with domestic and international standards.

Why Us
  • Serve for “More Decisive Areas”

    AG环亚集团TXGA has more than 2000 innovative partners like GM, BYD,CRRC and CASC, in vihecle, military and aviation industries with its safe, sustainable, creative and productive solutions.

  • Innovative Connector Solutions

    TXGA is a "National High-tech Enterprise", with 3 invention patents and 30 utility model patents. For more than 10 years, TXGA has been adhering to highest standards and leading its domestic counterparts with excellent R&D power.

  • Digital Service System

    AG环亚集团TXGA has built up a digital service system that can support online porcessing of pre-sale enquiries, tradings and after-sales services. It can substantially reduce the order cycle and make clients's R&D and production plan more flexible and effecient.

Our Faith
  • Our Mission

    Help to build integrative connection between different technical fields to accomplish their innovation.

  • Corporate Vision

    Establish a solid foundation to upgrading of manufacturing industry.

  • Values & Ethics


  • 10 + Certificates
    • High-tech Enterprise
    • IATF16949
    • ISO90001
    • UL Certification
  • 40 + Utility Model Patents
    • Utility Model Patent for a Round Waterproof Connector
    • Utility Model Patent for a D-Sub Connector with Positioning Function
    • Invention Patent of a Contact Terminal
    • Invention Patent of a Bar Connector
  • 51 + Applications in Transit
    • 42Domistic Trademarks
    • 4International Trandmarks
    • 3Invention Patents
    • 2Utility Model Patents
Corporate Responsibility
  • to Partners

    AG环亚集团Responsible for Partners

    Constructing a Win-win Value System

    Merging and Sharing

  • to Employees

    Constructing a Career Platform Full of Opportunities

    Building a Community with a Shared Future

  • to Industries

    AG环亚集团Creating a Solid Fundation of Technical Industries

    Providing Stable,Reliable and Professional Products and Solutions

  • to Public

    Expressing Our Reverence for the Public and Our Business with Reliable Quality.

    Adhere to International Standards with Low Carbon Discharging, Low Waste Water Discharging, Water Saving and Sustainable Solutions

Our Team
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